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Become a FantastiCon Sponsor!

Greetings from the FantastiCon Team!

FantastiCon is a game and anime convention that strives to bring together community members of all ages and backgrounds - attendees come to share in nerd culture and participate in events such as: The Ghostbusters, Video and Card Game Tournaments, Cosplay, Art Contests, Themed Photoshoots, Attending panels, or simply enjoying spectating events and browsing the 100+ vendors and artists. 


Any amount your business chooses to put into this event will be put towards: Promotional advertisements such as social media ads, radio announcements, newspaper ads, magazines articles, and fliers. Additionally, your contribution will help the event grow into an even more spectacular convention with celebrities, guest artists, and nostalgic icons. 


As a sponsor you would help enrich our community while also being seen by the 1,500+ people that we expect to attend. Below, we have outlined what kind of visibility and benefits your company would have within our FantastiCon community. 


Thank you for your consideration and please reach out with any questions or thoughts on what you would like to bring to FantastiCon!


Sincerely, Ben Mock - Owner

Friends $299 and under

Letter of Thanks

Named in ‘List of Sponsors’ on the FantastiCon website

Bronze $300+

Name/Logo on website with clickable link to your page

Included in the “Shout Out to our Sponsors” at the event

+ All previous benefits

Silver $1,000+

Name/Logo on any banner displaying our “List of Sponsors” (excluding the Backdrop Banners)

2 full passes to the FantastiCon event 

Option to sponsor a specific event/contest during the show to display advertising

+ All previous benefits

Gold $2,500+

Name/Logo included in any paid media promotions we make for the event (radio, magazine, etc.)

Name/Logo printed on Backdrop Banner for photo shoots (main stage)

+ All previous benefits

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